Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Story 2: Student thoughts on the smoking ban

On August 1, 2011, Texas State University became a tobacco free campus.

The new rule banned smoking on all parts of campus. The ban will soon give university police and other campus officials the ability to issue citations or tickets to students caught violating the ban.

19-year-old Cassie Deardorff, a chemistry major, supports the smoking ban but when asked if she would be opposed to the ban being altered to limit smoking to certain areas of campus she wasn’t closed to the idea.

“That would be fine,” said Deardorff. “I just don’t want to be walking through clouds of smoke on my way to class.”

Another student that wouldn’t mind a designated smoking area for smokers is Brookney Hill, 21. She actually supports such an amendment to the ban.

“We have liberties that can’t be taken away,” said Hill, “there should be a designated area.”

There are some smokers on campus, like Jacob Tinsley, 19, who are not happy at all about the ban. Jacob said the ban is unfair because when he first lived on campus he had to walk to The Square for a cigarette.

Another smoker, Nick Lowe, 19-year-old communication design major, also disagrees with the ban.

“I think it is stupid,” said Lowe, “it’s a stupid rule.”

Though many students are indifferent and don’t have a strong opinion about the ban, they do recognize that smoking cigarettes is unhealthy. Freshman Jamie Hooker, 18, doesn’t mind the smokers but personally doesn’t participate in the activity.

“No, I don’t smoke,” said Hooker, “because a lot of my family members smoke and I know how bad it is for you.”

Sophomore, Ben Gleason, a full-time student and business finance major is also a non-smoker who doesn’t care about the ban. He personally doesn’t smoke because he said he never really got into the habit. However, his friends smoke while drinking or after partying.

Many students seem to be supportive of a designated smoking area for the university's smokers. The popular opinion here seems to be that if it doesn't affect a student they don't mind it.

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