Thursday, October 4, 2012

Story 2-Smoking Ban

Smoking ban raises questions

By Travis Atkinson

Campus police are expected to start issuing citations this semester to violators of the campuswide smoking ban implemented last August.

Student's attitudes toward the smoking ban itself vary across campus.

19-year-old sophomore Nick Lowe feels that the rule is stupid. "I don't understand how campus officials can tell me I can or cannot smoke," Lowe said.

Other students feel that the ban is a good thing. “I think it’s awesome,” 19-year-old sophomore Cassie Deardorff said. “I think it makes (campus) a friendlier and happier place to be.”

The ban has raised concern from a number of students who feel that campuswide enforcement of it may be unfair.  “I’m not very happy about it,” 19-year-old junior Jacob Tinsley said. Jacob was required to live in a dorm his freshman year and expressed his frustration at having to leave campus to smoke.

Other students shared Tinsley's feelings. “I don't see why (smoking) should be banned,” 22-year-old sophomore Mario Garatti said. “I'm on campus all day and at some point I'm going to need a cigarette.”

Even non-smokers expressed feelings that the ban is unfair. “We have liberties that can’t be taken away, there should be a designated area (for smoking),” said 21-year-old senior Brookney Hill. “We are all adults and should be able to make our own decisions.”

Although the ban has been in effect for over a year, students can still be seen smoking on campus. “I didn’t even know they were enforcing (the ban),” said Garatti. “I see people smoking still and I still smoke so I don’t think it's working.”

Some students expressed their belief that the establishment of designated smoking areas around campus could solve the issue.

I honestly don't think that the smoking ban should be forced on students,” said 19-year-old sophomore Will Wilson. “There should be main areas for smoking.” 

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