Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Story 2- Smoking ban on campus

The Smoking Ban on Campus

By Molly Block

Texas State University made the decision on Aug. 1, 2011 to become a tobacco-free campus.

Since this rule has been established, there have been some discrepancies between students who agree with the new regulation, and others that still need more convincing.

Even though Biology Major Will Wilson quit smoking, he still believes that there should be designated smoking areas on campus for people that choose to smoke. Wilson thinks that the smoking ban should not be forced upon students.

Mario Garatti, a criminal justice major, agrees with Wilson. “I don’t see why it should be banned. I’m on campus all day, and at some point I’m going to need a cigarette. They should designate smoking areas for us.”

Although many students argue that there should be designated smoking areas on campus, there are others that think the rules should be followed at all costs.

Brookney Hill, a senior, says that there should be a system in place to enforce no smoking, and that people shouldn’t do it blatantly on campus because there are health issues we need to respect.

“I think that the campus looks much cleaner,” said Jamie Hooker, a nursing major. “Even though there are still cigarette butts around, it’s not as bad as before.”

Although there are many students on campus that feel strongly about the smoking ban, there are some that have no opinion about the issue.

Ben Gleason, a business finance major and non-smoker, says that he never got into smoking, and that he’s impartial to the matter.

Cristiana Hernandez, a sociology major, agrees with Gleason. “I don’t care. I never smoked, my friends don’t smoke, so the ban doesn’t have an effect on me."

Whether or not students at Texas State agree with the smoking ban, it’s clear that the new rule is here to stay.

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