Thursday, October 4, 2012

Smoking Citations or Smoking Designations

By Rick Martinez

The authorities are about to get serious on the current smoking ban at Texas State University. Citations will be given to those who don’t comply with the rules. 

On campus, students are not fazed by the new regulation. It’s not difficult to spot a few smokers along your way to class.

As the university attempts to re-enforce the tobacco-free status of the campus, students have expressed their opinions on the matter. 

English major, Madeline Hays says the smoking ban is not well enforce and although we have signs, doesn’t think anyone is obeying them.  

"We have liberties that can’t be taken away," said Brookney Hill, a health information management student. "There should be a designated area.”

Jacob Tinsley, a mathematics junior, showed respect to the tobacco-free restriction. Unfortunately, Tinsley says it was hard when he had to walk to the Square to smoke.  “I’m not very happy about it,” said Tinsley. 

"Well, like I said before, I honestly don't think that the smoking ban should be forced on students, said Will Wilson, sophomore biology major. "There should be main areas for smoking."

Students feel indifferent about the status of a tobacco-free campus. They may agree that smoking can be harmful to your health, although many students also agree that designated areas should be placed on campus. 

Consequently, citations may come as a surprise to regular smokers on campus. Paul Bissett, a geography major, says he still smokes on campus and has never received any dirty looks or been scolded for his habit. 

Mario Garatti, a criminal justice major, says if they’re going to be giving out citations, I guess I’ll hide my smoking better.

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