Thursday, October 4, 2012

Campus smoking ban, a stupid rule

By Kathryn Parker

Texas State University implemented a smoking ban Aug. 1, 2011. University police and other campus authorities began issuing citations to violators at the start of the fall 2012 semester.
Ben Gleason, business finance sophomore, 20, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other.
“I’m impartial,” said Gleason. “I don’t really care.”
Some students felt that there needs to be a system in place for smokers on campus.
Ben Lawson, marketing freshman, 18, doesn’t smoke because it could affect his susceptibility to pneumonia but believes that something should be done for smokers so they don’t feel their freedoms are being affected.
“I appreciate the ban,” said Lawson. “But I also feel like there should be a system.”
Another student with impartial feelings expressed her experience with a similar smoking ban at her previous university.
Chynna Ayala, nutrition major junior, 19, transferred to Texas State from University of Texas-San Antonio and said that the university had specific spots where people could smoke allowing other students to avoid those areas.
        Will Wilson, biology sophomore, 19, quit smoking knowing that it wasn’t good for his health and advocates that there should be some designated smoking areas as well.
“I feel like smoking shouldn’t be banned on campus,” said Wilson. “There should at least be designated smoking areas for people that want to smoke.”
Nick Lowe, communication design sophomore, 19, does smoke and believes the ban is a “stupid rule”.
Lowe said, “I don’t understand how campus officials can tell me I can or cannot smoke.”
Some students welcome the smoking ban and see it as a good thing. Cassie Deardorff, chemistry sophomore, 19, believes the ban has been good for the university.
“That would be fine,” said Deardorff when asked what she thought about smokers having a designated area. “I just don’t want to be walking through clouds of smoke on my way to class.”

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