Thursday, October 4, 2012

A new idea for the recent enforcement of the smoking ban on campus

The recent enforcement of the smoking ban on campus has been accepted with mixed feelings by Texas State students and left them with a recurring idea about the recent change in regulation.

Campus police are going to start ticketing students for smoking on campus starting fall 2012. This has left many students, smokers and nonsmokers alike, with the idea that there should be designated smoking areas on campus along with the smoking ban.

Some students appreciate the smoking ban, like Ben Lawson, a nonsmoking freshman who is susceptible to pneumonia. Lawson feels the ban is a good regulation to have on campus, but thinks students may feel their freedom is at question.

Lawson, like other students, thinks there should be designated smoking areas for students who smoke.

Texas State senior and nonsmoker, Edward Gutierrez, thinks we are following in the footsteps of other universities to ban smoking on campuses. 

“I know other campuses like UTSA in San Antonio are doing it.”

While many students remain neutral about the ban, some students have a stronger opinion.

"I'm not very happy about it," said Jacob Tinsley, a smoker and junior at Texas State.

Similar to other students, when Tinsley was asked if he would do something to change the ban or try to reverse it, he said he would change the regulations and have designated smoking areas with ashtrays on campus so there wouldn’t be buds all over the ground.

Another student who disagrees with the smoking ban, Madeline Hays, a junior and nonsmoker, said we are all adults and should be able to make our own choices.

“From what I see it’s not even well enforced," said Hays who doesn’t believe the ban will last very long. "It’s kind of just something we say happens and we have signs put up, but I don’t think anyone obeys them.”

Paul Bissett, a smoker and junior, counteracts Hays and Tinsley’s opinion and agrees with the smoking ban.  

"I enjoy the fact that campus is cleaner, but I know that people break the rules and smoke anyways,” Bissett said. “For that purpose there should be a place for them to go with ashtrays." 

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