Thursday, September 27, 2012

Smoking Ban

Quotes collected by: Ashley Philpot

SOURCE: Brookney Hill

Identifying information about source: Brookney Hill, Senior, White, Female, No current Occupation, age 21, from San Marcos, Texas, Student, Health Information Management.

Question 1: How do you feel about enforcement of the smoking ban on campus? (NOTE: University police and other campus authorities plan to issue citations for violations beginning fall 2012.)
____"We have liberties that cant be taken away, there should be a designated area"

Question 2: Do you smoke? __ NO
    Well does it bother you when other people smoke on campus? 
____"No, it doesn't bother me, honestly i don't see it enough to effect me."

Question 3: How do you feel the smoking ban affects the campus?
 _____ Brookney said, she didn't see a reason to ticket people. But there should be a system in place to to enforce no smoking. People can find other ways to smoke around here they don't need to do it blatantly on campus because there are health issues we need to respect.

Question 4: Since it doesn't bother you when fellow students smoke, does it bother you when your friends do?
_____ Brookney said, we are all adult and should be able to make our own decisions.

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