Thursday, September 27, 2012

Smoking Ban Student Survey & Quotes

Quotes collected by: TJ Nugent
SOURCE: Edward Gutierrez

Identifying information about source: Edward Gutierrez, Senior, Hispanic/Latino, Male, 23, Full-Time Student, Spanish major. No Minor.
Question 1: How do you feel about enforcement of the smoking ban on campus? (NOTE: University police and other campus authorities plan to issue citations for violations beginning fall 2012.)
"I have never seen anyone get a citation on campus," other then that, it doesn't effect him, said Gutierrez. 
Question 2: Do you smoke?  If yes, why? If no, why? How long have you been smoking?
"No," Gutierrez said, "I never really wanted to." When asked if he didn't smoke for health reasons, he said "yes."
Question 3: How do you feel the smoking ban affects the campus? 
Gutierrez said that it made the campus appear knowledgable of smoking effects. "I know other campuses like UTSA in San Antonio are doing it," said Gutierrez. He agrees that we are jumping on the bandwagon of the standard practice to ban smoking on campuses, such as UTSA or ACC, statewide.
Question 4: Do you think the smoking ban should be repealed or modified?
Gutierrez said, there should "at least be some kind of smoking restriction," if not a campus-wide ban, then at least restricted in main areas near buildings.

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