Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quotes from Ashley Jordan on Smoking Ban

Quotes collected by: Ashley Jordan
SOURCE: Paul Bissett
Age: 22
Major: Geography
Classification: Junior

Identifying information about source: former student at University of Texas at San Antonio. UTSA did not have a smoking ban when he attended school there.
Question 1: How do you feel about enforcement of the smoking ban on campus? (NOTE: University police and other campus authorities plan to issue citations for violations beginning fall 2012.)
Bissett says he agrees with the ban, however feels that there should be designated smoking areas around campus. He is “glad that we brought this up” with him because he feels it is an "important issue”. 

"I enjoy the fact that campus is cleaner but I know that people break the rules and smoke anyways, and for that purpose there should be a place for them to go with ashtrays."
 Bissett adds that he did not know the ban was recently created "I thought it had been around for a long time.”
Question 2: Do you smoke?  If yes, why? If no, why? How long have you been smoking?
Question 3:
How do you feel the smoking ban affects the campus?
Bissett says the smoking ban contributes to a cleaner campus because cigarette butts are no longer littered everywhere, like they were at UTSA.
Question 4: If you are a smoker, do you still smoke on campus? What are others’ reactions to you breaking the rules? If you are not a smoker, how do you feel seeing others disregarding the ban and smoking anyways?
Bissett says that yes, he still smokes on campus. He has not received any dirty looks or scolding from other people while he has been smoking.

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