Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quotes collected by: Madison Williams
SOURCE: Jacob Tinsley
 Identifying information about source: Jacob Tinsley, Junior, White, Male, Low income because he works on campus, age 19, from Austin, Texas, Student, mathematics major. Works part-time at Agriculture Center on campus
Question 1: How do you feel about enforcement of the smoking ban on campus? (NOTE: University police and other campus authorities plan to issue citations for violations beginning fall 2012.)
"I'm not very happy about it," said Tinsley who was at first was required to live on campus so for him it was hard when he had to walk to the square or go somewhere else to smoke.
Question 2: Do you smoke?  If yes, why? If no, why? How long have you been smoking? "Yes I've been smoking for two years now because i got addicted."
 Question 3: How do you feel the smoking ban affects the campus? "I don't believe in second hand smoke because of what science has taught me."
 Question 4: Would you do something to change this ban or try to reverse it?
Tinsley says that he would try to change it and just have designated smoking areas with ashtrays or trashcans so that there wouldn't be buds lying everywhere.

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