Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red vs. Blue Creator to Speak

Burnie Burns, founder of Rooster Teeth Productions, will be speaking on Wednesday, Oct. 22 in Old Main 232.  Burns will be giving a seminar called "Online Video: Where is it and Where is it going."
  In the early 2000's Burns founded a gaming Web site called  He partnered with others and came up with concept for the viral videos Red vs. Blue.  
Red vs. Blue spoofs the video game Halo by adding in fake dialogue between the characters on screen.  Red vs. Blue became an Internet sensation and Rooster Teeth Productions was founded.  
Burns will be speaking of the success online video has brought him.  He will talk of where online video started and where he expects it to go in the future.

Photo courtesy of Rooster Tooth Productions.

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