Thursday, October 16, 2008

Michael Quintanilla @ mcweek!

San Antonio Express-News writing consultant Michael Quintanilla will speak this month at Mass Communication Week. Before joining the Express-News, he wrote for the Southern California Living and Calendar sections, both features and lifestyle sections of the Los Angeles Times. Quintanilla graduated from Trinity University in his hometown San Antonio, Texas with a journalism degree.

He is well known for his human interest stories, profile writing and personal essays. When September 11 occurred, Quintanilla was one of the first reporters to work his way to the disaster and his World Trade Center work won him the Times' breaking news award for 2001. At the Express-News he is a pop culture writer with an emphasis on fashion. Quintanilla is also a regular on the NBC-affiliate's morning lifestyle talk show where he is known as the show's "fashion guru."

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