Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mentorship is the first step for this law school hopeful

By Jakob R. Rodriguez

Triston Giesie stands outside of Tower Hall for a "not so candid" candid picture. 
Photo by Jakob R. Rodriguez 
SAN MARCOS––Triston C. Giesie is not your average college student. By day he is a Public Relations major with law school dreams, by night the best Residential Assistant to walk Tower Hall.

However, it would be a shame to limit Giesie's success on campus to a single major or career field. When he is not preoccupied with the welfare of aspiring media professionals in the Living Learning Community that resides in Tower Hall, he is leading the Triathlon team and the Society of Professional Journalists as an officer in both organizations.

Though only a 19-year-old junior, Giesie hopes to attend law school at the University of Texas post-graduation. After law school, Giesie, armed with a Public relations degree and a plethora of experience cleaning up messes as a Residential Assistant (both literally and figuratively), hopes to help candidates win local and state elections or have his own political career take off.

From Gamer to Final Boss

Jackie Dalehite is better known to thousands of fans as, Miss Tactrix.

By Josh Martinez

San Marcos – Jackie Dalehite is turning a passion for video gaming and her ability to generate a large social media following into a career that many would envy.

Jackie is a 24 year-old, Houston,TX, native majoring in mass communication with a minor in electronic media. Her interest in video games started at an early age, but it was only in the last few years that she has been able to turn a hobby into a budding career.  Jackie can be described as a content creator and social media influencer. She has an active following on her Twitch and YouTube channels which allow her to turn views into sponsorship dollars. Jackie posts videos of game play as well as product and game reviews. Although her fans only number in the thousands for now, she plans to take what she has created and continue to build on it.

While in school, Jackie hopes to gain a broader understanding of social media and broadcasting. Her plan is to take what she learns and get a job as on-air talent for a major video game broadcaster like G4 or IGN, all while continuing to build on her own channels.

By Isaac Nino

San Marcos — From the east coast to Eastland. Mason Thayer remembers the shocking transition from Boston, Massachusetts with a population of roughly 600,000 to Eastland, Texas with a population of nearly 4,000. 

A freshman and a new comer to Eastland High School, Mason was able to wrangle academia by the horns and land his admittance into Ranger College in Ranger, Texas. This is where he honed in on his artistic capabilities and obtained his Associates of Arts Degree. Whilst obtaining his degree, Mason was an active member in the Ranger College Speech and Debate team.

The Speech and Debate team became a big window of opportunity. Mason and his team were able to lock down a spot at the national tournament in Costa Mesa, California with the likes of Ivy League schools such as Harvard. Moreover, Mason and the team took home the Pentathalon Award, which is not an easy feat. There are five categories that must be done and done well in order to secure the award. These are: IPDA, Parliamentary, Prose Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Poetry Interpretation.

Clearly Mason Thayer is no stranger to team work and communication. Things began to ramp up when Mason acquired a Public Relations Intern position with Habitat for Humanity. Through this internship, Mason released five Public Service Announcements, three press releases, and several blog posts on behalf of the nonprofit organization. San Marcos, Texas is now home to this powerhouse of an individual. The College of Journalism and Mass Communication is on it's way to awarding this bright mind with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations Degree, at the young age of 21.

Aspiring Writer finds herself in the heart of Texas State

By Mason Thayer

San Marcos — Kaiti Evans decided that her time living outside of Houston had ended. Taking a chance and moving here with her cousin, Kaiti has been making her time at Texas State University full of experiences.

Kaiti, a 19-year-old sophomore from Houston, arrived at Texas State University and first majored in Education. As the semester went on she soon realized that her heart wasn't in it. Then came the change of major to Business, Kaiti found herself more at ease with this change, but with business, there is a lot of math. Like many of us, we do not enjoy math, and Kaiti was no exception. This led her to find her fit as a Journalism major. While studying journalism Kaiti has had the opportunity to work at The University Star writing under the opinions column.

After Kaiti graduates from Texas State, she plans to move to Colorado and become a Missionary Journalist in hopes to travel the world doing what she loves. Kaiti is also an active writer, ever since she was a child she found tranquility by writing in journals. This passion for expressing herself has lead Kaiti into writing her first novel! As this spring semester continues, keep an eye out for Kaiti, with her talents and passion she is sure to produce some quality content!

You Always End Up Back Home

By Will Cleveland

SAN MARCOS — Moving around at least 15 times within the past five years, Nathaniel DeFrost has finally decided to settle here in San Marcos to complete his degree in Public Relations after transferring from three other universities.

Nathaniel, who goes by Shane, is from Kyle, Texas and has traveled throughout central Texas to find a place to call home. Settling in Fort Worth, Texas for a few years with his girlfriend, Shane has decided that after completing college this December, he does have some interest in returning back there because of its "home" feeling. Shane is a senior and will graduate this December with his degree in PR after attending three other universities. With different perspectives of other university's spirit and the over-all atmosphere, he was satisfied to find that the college he was looking for to suit his needs has been just up the street this entire time. 

He is currently employed at The Spot and works as a bar-tending manager at the establishment's impressive U-shaped bar. Shane is also involved in computer software sales with one of his close friends. In his spare time, he loves to cook and hunt (doves being his favorite animal to hunt). In the future, he would love to own his own restaurant or gastro pub specializing in craft beer, which he also enjoys. Graduating from high school in 2009 and playing sports throughout, Shane has athletic experience with baseball, also playing his first year in college. With 27 years of knowledge and experience, Shane is looking forward to his bright future after completing college and beginning a new life with his girlfriend.

From seas to degrees

By Caylee Kidwell

San Marcos - Horacio Mata is a man with many talents. He started in the military and is now currently a Texas State student who is successfully self-employed and is hoping to gain knowledge that will allow him to advance even farther.

Horacio is originally from San Antonio but decided to be apart of something bigger which lead him to join the Marines. Now living in Cibilo, he's studying at Texas State University because he wants to continue to flourish and further his education. At 31 years old, not only has he served in the Military, but he has also built and sold two businesses and is currently working on a third. Even though he has already  been so successful while being self-employed, he is always striving to be better which is why he is majoring in media innovation and minoring in Spanish. His hope is that he can achieve a better understanding of his window tinting businesses in their entirety which will allow him to be even more auspicious.

When Horacio isn't studying or working on his business, he really enjoys olympic weightlifting, so much so that he decided to start practicing with the weightlifting team at Texas State. Even though there are so many incredible olympic lifts, he stated that his favorite would have to be the snatch. He also thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors and partaking in hobbies such as hiking and fly fishing, he also tries to stay off of technology as much as he can. So don't be afraid come up to him and say hi, maybe he'll even share some of his lifting tips!

Goals on and off the field.

By Horacio Mata

San Marcos ⎯ GOOOOAL, is what Caylee Kidwell would hear growing up as she traded in her soccer goals for educational goals.

  In just a few short weeks she will be turning 21, a small and not the last milestone she will be coming across. Her roots sprout from a small town in Texas called Georgetown. This is where she found her love for soccer. Her young soccer career would take her to North Western State, Louisiana, where she would play center-mid field. Angelo State, Texas, welcomed her skills of soccer next.

  As an Athlete, you learn how to be conscious of health and wellness. Caylee decided she would trade in her cleats to help promote health and wellness to others. So, now she resides at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Health Communications. As active as she still is; she found other sports that interested her such as powerlifting, rugby and she is looking into playing in the Texas State soccer club for fun.

  In the near future, Caylee hopes to work for an agency that helps promote nutrition, health and wellness. Although, this is her second semester at Texas State, she might have a bit longer to go. So, you can find her waitressing at Pluckers – tip your waiters! Maybe even run into her at a Bob Iver concert. Nonetheless, she is ready to score more GOOOALS in life!