Thursday, January 25, 2018

SAN MARCOS - From the Valley to Old Main, the dream rides on.

By Adrian Marroquin

At seven years old, Isaac Nino took to skateboarding like a duck to water. He quickly realized that his passion and talent for the extreme sport could be a ticket out of his hometown of San Benito, Texas. With hard work, a few bruises and an abundance of patience; Isaac quickly ascended through the ranks of the local skate scene and eventually secured several sponsorships that helped shine a light on a new passion, Public Relations.

Attending Texas State University was an easy choice for Isaac to make. San Marcos offered the small town vibes he is accustomed to and is conveniently centered between two major cities that are known for their exceptional skate spots and communities, Austin and San Antonio.

Nino isn't always seeking adrenaline via skateboard and concrete. He's actually very laid back. You'll often catch him giggling while listening to the latest Joe Rogan podcast or at home, shredding on his electric guitar.

Ultimately, the goal is to successfully complete his coursework here at Texas State University and secure a career in PR at a major record label or skate company. With the determination and talent that I have observed in the few days of knowing Isaac, one thing is certain; We will all feel the splash he makes post graduation.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Tall Dreams for this Short Reporter

Jakob Rodriguez writing in the University Star office
By Triston Giesie

Jakob Rodriguez, a journalism sophomore at Texas State University, is the Assistant News Editor for the University Star with dreams of going much further in the field.

“I just like going out there and being a voice to the people who aren’t listening themselves,” Rodriguez says about why he loves to write. “There’s nothing else like it, I get to be heard and that’s not something everybody can say.”

Resilient enough to take an inquiry of his work via the Freedom of Information Act as a compliment, it is doubtful that any obstacle could prove big enough to impede Rodriguez’s chances of working for ProPublica. He hopes to establish his reputation through an emphasis in investigative writing after serving as an officer in the Marine Corps.

A self-proclaimed “valley wey from the (956),” Rodriguez is originally from McAllen, Texas. There, he has 3 younger siblings he has personally tasked himself with the responsibility of “raising them to uphold my legacy at Memorial High.”

This upcoming summer, Rodriguez hopes to use the opportunities presented to him as the President of the Society of Professional Journalists to help him secure an internship at The Boston Globe and get one step closer to the title of ‘professional reporter.’

Fitting in to Educate

by Region Kinden

Marcus Fowler is a 22-year-old Austin native, where people get to be outside of the norm of life and express their individuality. He grew up in the Southern part of Austin and attended a Magnet School during his early teen years where he tried to fit in. The culture was a bit different for Fowler, but he focused on his main purpose which was his education.

In 2014, Marcus decided to attend the Bobcat family at Texas State University, where he strives to reach his goal of becoming a Sports Writer. He was recently a lifeguard for a few summers, but now tutors for Sociology Statistics. Fowler loves helping and engaging with people to understand new things, which he plans to do in his future. He chose to major in Electronic Media in-order to help pursue his career goal of writing for Sports. His hobbies are playing Basketball, Swimming, playing video games and listening to music.

From Choir to Capitol Records

By: Sydney De La Cruz

SAN MARCOS – Charclee Cervantez, a 20 year old San Marcos native, is a junior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Writing at Texas State University.

Cervantez has a knack for event planning and has been involved in event planning for both her former university in Corpus Christi and her current job at Wonder World Park in San Marcos. She uses event planning as an outlet to “entertain without being the entertainer”. 

Cervantez has always been passionate about music, and her involvement in her high school choir helped her branch out and appreciate new genres of music. When she’s not at school or at work, Cervantez likes to go to country bars in New Braunfels and watch local country bands. Charclee’s career goal is to be a music publicist, working for a major music label like Capitol Records and the Austin City Limits music festival. 

Rolling Stone finds home at Texas State University

by Marcus Fowler

Region is an electronic media major from Dallas, Texas. During his childhood Region, along with his family, moved around often. His mother did this to keep her family away from gangs. He is grateful for the sacrifices his mom made so that he could stay away from negative influences. 

Growing up region fell in love with football; he also enjoys basketball and exercising and traveling. Outside of athletics he enjoys traveling; recently he made a trip to Amarillo, Texas.  Region hopes to help people gain a deeper understanding of sports and the reasons why athletes play. He is a huge fan of Stephen Smith and Shannon Sharp and hopes to become a sports analyst like Smith and Sharp.

 He is a transfer student who has found a home here at Texas State. Currently he is a senior here at Texas State and he works for the university star. He says that attending Texas state has helped him grow as a person and remain focused on his goals and he will graduate this December.

Passionate Writer and Toy Collector

by: Charlcee Cervantez

SAN MARCOS– Originally from San Antonio, 22-year-old Sydney De La Cruz is a junior majoring in electronic media and minoring in writing at Texas State University.

De La Cruz found her passion for writing through blog posting and writing online. This hobby quickly became the way she spent her free time. She became proficient in using this online medium and even assisted her friends in creating their own online presence.

Within her first year of studies, De La Cruz recognized her strong writing skills. Most college students would hate the idea of writing, but these assignments came easily to her. Almost naturally, it made sense to combine her writing skills and experience with online posting to major in electronic media. Following graduation, De La Cruz aspires to become a writer for an online magazine.

In addition to her interest in writing, De La Cruz collects vintage toys. Her collection mainly consists of toys from the 1940's through the 1960's. She currently has over 70 Barbies and even some haunted Victorian dolls. Although some of these toys have been passed down from her mother, De La Cruz can be found at antique stores or estate sales searching for new toys to add to her collection.

Transfer student branching out into her field

By Angelina Cazar

San Marcos– Alexis Richard came from a local community college to a big university where she had no idea what to do with her life or where to even begin. Lost and no where to turn to she decided to take a big step and work at the Texas State's radio station KTSW.

Alexis is a 19-year-old sophomore from Mckinney, Texas and is majoring in electronic media and mass communications. At a community college, all she ever thought about was completing her basics, but it never came to her mind that she would join a radio station at a university. At first, joining KTSW it was nerve-wracking since she did not know what to expect or if she would get into the program. After many interviews and exams, she finally was announced the acceptance of being the new DJ of the program. Before coming to Texas State she feared she would not find her place or fulfill the experience the university has to offer. Now that she is involved in the radio station it has helped her overcome the fears she had by giving her a sense of growth.

With KTSW now giving her opportunies, she wants to start her own radio station or podcast after she graduates. She is excited to see where this takes her in the future and hope she accomplishes her goals.