Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Meet Karla Martinez!

     Karla lives in San Marcos and is a resident advisor at San Marcos Hall. She is an advertising major and she is originally from Katy Texas which is right outside of Houston. One thing Karla and I have in common is our interest in music festivals and raves. Her friends got her into the rave scene. She attended float fest in July and will be attending Something Wicked in October. Music is a big part of her life and she also loves to dance and sing for fun. She likes electronic dance music and even some rock like Evanescence. Therefore music festivals are the perfect place to be! She enjoys working out and goes to the student recreation center every day. Good fitness and health is an important part of our everyday life! When it comes to food or going out to eat Italian is always her first choice.

Meet Caroline Zito!

SAN MARCOS, TX- Caroline Zito is a Junior majoring in Electronic Media from San Antonio, TX. This summer, she took two classes at Texas State and worked at Kate Spade in the outlets. Caroline took intro to Public Relations and Advertising as two of her Mass Communication elective courses. She is also involved in Bobcat Belles, a football spirit organization on campus. While getting to talk with Caroline she told me more about her time living off campus at Texas State. Caroline spent her last year living at the Retreat and resigned her lease for this year. She was faced with a common problem at the end of her summer classes. Many find themselves without a place to live for the first two weeks of August as they are between leases. Luckily, Caroline was able to commute from San Antonio for her last weeks in summer school and so she could babysit in the San Marcos area. Caroline also recently celebrated her birthday and is excited to go to Las Vegas with her family to celebrate more!

by Summer Hawkins

Monique's European Adventure

Monique is a Texas State Junior who used her Summer to explore Europe with her sister and San Francisco with her parents.

Monique began her Summer humbly, helping children as a camp counselor for Camp Capers and spending time relaxing in San Marcos. Her Summer turned more adventurous in late July when she went to Spain to visit her sister. Her trip started out in Madrid where she stayed in her sister’s apartment and enjoyed the beautiful city. From there she took a plane to Barcelona and then to London where she visited the “Harry Potter” fan destination Platform 9 and ¾. From there she hopped on another plane to Dublin, where her and her sister explored the historic bars and comedy clubs that the city has to offer.

After touring the cities of Great Britain, Monique went back to her sister’s home in Madrid and took the long trip back home. After recuperating at home for a little while, her and her family took a vacation to San Francisco. In the beautiful City by The Bay, they toured around and saw all the best sights in town and visited possible grad schools, namely Berkeley.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Meet Michelle Bzoski!

In class I got the opportunity to meet Michelle who was actually sitting right next to me. I was a little biased when meeting her because she mentioned that she was a DJ and it was interesting to me because I like the music she DJ's. We talked about how this summer she got the chance to go to Middle Lands for a camping trip with friends. It is basically a huge music festival with a bunch of DJ's who play from the day time to night for a whole weekend. She got to stay there 4 days  and 3 nights. Michelle said it was a life-changing experience. We also found out that we are both from around the Houston area. She will be attending another music festival which I will be at as well, Something Wicked, in October. We got a chance to bond a lot and we exchanged snapchats as well in order to keep in contact outside of class. She also mentioned to me that recently she was in Austin and she ran into a DJ she got the opportunity to open up for, Rampage and he remembered her. She felt it was one of the coolest moments for her because that means she was a memorable DJ. I would love to listen to her music. Hopefully I'll get to soon!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Meet Peyton Planchard

It’s not every day you get to meet a person named after one of the greatest quarterbacks that played in the NFL. Meet Peyton Planchard! 

Peyton is a Junior at Texas State University. She is a Public Relations Major and she loves to play volleyball.

This past summer was one that Peyton would never forget. Saying goodbye to anything is always hard, especially when it’s something that has protected, secured, and sustained you during the storms of life. In this case literal storms. After 15 memorable years, Peyton and her family had to leave their beloved home and move to another house. Though the transition was bitter, Peyton could find something sweet. 

During the hot, blistering days of the summer, Peyton was able to land one of the coolest jobs. Peyton interned at a wedding venue! She oversaw all social media aspects and had a great experience. This was her first internship and now she has many opportunities to pursue in the future. 

Peyton Planchard everyone!