Thursday, August 30, 2018

Big Creative Dreams

By Meskerem Kassahun

SAN MARCOS- Tabitha Ratliff is a 21 year old Houston native with a digital media innovation major and a business minor.

Ratliff likes to watch Disney movies in her spare time because she always gets inspired by them. She loves the several different effects and features in Disney movies. “After I graduate, I want to work in the movie business working in visual effects.” Ratliff says. It should also be noted Ratlif has several interesting hobbies including her love for photography, hula hooping, spinning and dancing with fire.

What makes Ratliff different from a lot of people is the unique fact that she was born deaf in her left ear. She doesn’t see it as a disability but she does believe that’s one way that makes her different than a lot of people. Many people also might not know Ratliff’s mother is also in college pursuing a masters degree in geology. Although her mother attends University of Houston, it’s incredible how her and her mother are both on this journey together.

Stunning mass comm student stuns the crowd

By: Ralston Green

SAN MARCOS — Texas State Mass Communication student, Mekayla Chevalier, continues to reach new heights as she climbs the social ladder of success.

Chevalier makes many appearances at school events, but she plans to make her grand entrance as she pursues to own her own talk show upon graduating in the Spring of 2020. As a youth growing up in the city of Houston, Texas, Chevalier participated in many extra curricular activities before her college career such as: Dance Captain, Homecoming Queen and Class Officer just to name a few. With inspiration from her role model, Beyonce, Chevalier aspires to keep her audience guessing on her next move.

When prompted about her next move, Chevalier replied, " Life is game of Uno and I'm the wild card, so you will just have to wait and see." With her high level of confidence, it's no wonder she is often called, "the hostess with the mostest."

San Marcos's Best Kept Secret Goes Public

by Mekayla Chevalier

SAN MARCOS — Texas State PR Major, Ralston Green, takes the road less traveled to pursue his dream of becoming one of the greatest influencers in pop-culture. 

Being the first of his immediate family to attend college, Green was voted PR Chairman for the Talented Tenth Project Organization and has become a Texas State student leader. With no role models, Green sets his own standards for how he would like to live his life in the future. Traveling the world through his self-made brand, Green is developing his skills throughout college by interning with major businesses including Kyle Family Injury & Chiropractic.

During his free time, Green enjoys hanging out with friends and planning for his future. When asked about his sleeping schedule, Green replied "What is a sleeping schedule?" Green has no intention of reaching success being "imbedded." 

PR student on the rise

By Lily Connor

San Marcos—20 year old Sydney Harrell, a Texas State University junior and PR major, enjoys the freeing atmosphere of alternative/pop music concerts and also appreciates traveling abroad to experience new cultures. Though Harrell is open to many different opportunities, she hopes to use her PR skills to make a career that also coincides with her passions in life. Passions such as the music industry, traveling, and national park conservation.

As a homeschooled student, opening up to new people was a little difficult at first, but Harrell soon found that making friends and transitioning into public school was actually smooth sailing. She now enjoys the broad options her PR major affords her and is currently doing a work study for the department of psychology. Harrell continues to look for exciting opportunities in and out of the classroom, such as studying abroad, to further inform her passions and career goals.

From land to water

By Katrina Dinh

SAN MARCOS—Alex Gaskill is a 22-year-old junior, majoring in Digital Media Innovation at Texas State University. In addition to graduating with a degree in communications, he is an aspiring scuba diving instructor.

Gaskill grew up in Austin, Texas where he played lacrosse in high school and has continued to do so at the university of Texas State. His passion for athletics was derived at a young age, as he received his scuba diver certification at age 10. He’s traveled to many places, such as Hawaii and the Bahamas, where he has accomplished over 70 dives in his lifetime. His expertise in scuba diving has aspired him to own his own dive shop, to help share his passion for the sport by instructing others in the future.

From stage lights to student life, a man is destined for greatness

Image may contain: 1 person, poolBy Kyle Chitwood

SAN MARCOS - Ever since his uprising in Irving, Texas, Miguel Villatoro has known the power which his destiny holds. It was in this suburb of Dallas where Villatoro became the first of five siblings to attend a four-year college, the Texas State University.

Entering his senior year, Villatoro is studying to earn a bachelor's degree in mass communications and advertising. His ultimate goal is to become a creative director, a dream he realized in his time spent acting in various shows for the USA Network. Although his dreams are grand, his personality is quite humble.

Villatoro donates hours of community service to both Irving and San Marcos, but in his free time he enjoys watching movies and eating sushi. He is also a travel enthusiast having visited various exotic places worldwide. Most fittingly, Hawaii, because every hero deserves a spa day.

Student helps rethink the way people eat

By: Arlett Ramirez

SAN MARCOS –At twenty-years old, Texas State student Mercedes Atkinson hopes to educate others on why it's important to limit animal product consumption.

From the large city of Houston, Atkinson came to Texas State University in the fall of 2016. She was initially pursuing a degree in Nutrition but changed her major when she realized that science wasn't her strong-suit. She is currently pursuing a degree in Electronic Media but remains passionate about food. Her hobbies include finding new vegan recipes, art house films, and attending concerts. Her favorite bands are The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Daft Punk. She has plans to attend ACL later this year.

Atkinson has a dream to become part of the Buzzfeed Tasty family as a vegan chef. She would like to show viewers the multiple options that they can create on their own. Her hope is to inspire others to be conscious of what they consume and how it effects their health, the environment, and animals.